Welcome to my new home on the world wide web. For the last year or so, I have contemplated what to do with my blog. In 2009 when I completed my cancer treatment, my oldest daughter said to me, “Mom, you are done with cancer treatment so you can stop writing on CaringBridge. If you feel like you still want to write, start a blog.” What? Start a blog. Never heard of the word blog before, so I googled “What is a blog?” This google search lead to “How to start a blog.” And as they say, the rest is history. I started my blog Kim’s Ponderings Beyond Breast Cancer…and I was hooked. I loved blogging. I loved sharing words with others and loved others sharing words with me.

For the last while though, I have been restless…there is so much more than just cancer to my story, my life. I found myself asking the questions should I keep blogging? Should I keep talking about life after cancer? Where exactly did me and my thoughts fit into cyber world? And soon my words became to private too share with the world…or if I’m truly honest, I lost my ability to share because I became afraid.

When I started blogging, I wrote to encourage others who might find themselves hearing those same words I did, “You have cancer.” I wanted to give hope. But after I continued on my healing journey, I started to read more bloggers. And I got scared. So many of their words were blended together perfectly. And then I began to doubt. What message could I possibly have to share?

So I stopped.

And a part of me died.

Oh, sure I jotted down ideas all the time, saying to myself…this sure would be awesome blog topic.

And when someone would ask about my blogging, I would say…I’m working on a new blog.

Well, here’s the new blog.

I wish I could say to you that I will blog on a regular schedule, but I can’t. I will try. But no promises.

What I can promise you though, is that when you read my words and my ponderings…you will get the real deal. No holding back. All’s I ask is for you to remember. We all look at life through our own lens…

My focus for this new blog is to encourage others to “live a life they love, love the life they live.”

Thank you for your time and I look forward to walking life’s journey with you.